The beginning of Everything

We, humans are amazing chimps. We can question and reason everything. All thanks goes to the big Cerebral cortex at the uppermost end of your head. And its the result of this big Cerebral cortex over my head, that I am writing this damn article, that I don't even understand, lol 😅.
I am( I.e my cerebral cortex is 😂) questioning the begining of this big universe. I want to know the big truth about my beginning from the point zero. And obviously who doesn't want to know that. Isnt this intresting, among billions of galaxies, bunch of chimps present in one corner of Milky way galaxy, in a small planet(called earth), questioning the beginning of universe haha 😄. Obviously we don't understand everything, but slowly we are adapting to the way nature works. And that's what universe is. Nature is the symbol of overall universe but universe is infinitely large and predicted to be still expanding. We might understand the earthy natural laws and how nature works but not all the universal laws.
Dont get messed off, our nature is the part of universe; not the entire universe.

In 1920s, American astronomer Edword Hubble made an intresting and important discovery that all the stars and galaxies are moving away from the earth. This discovery led to further work from many scientists to arrive in ultimate conclusion that "Universe is Expanding." Also known as Hubbles law. And the natural law says, if now, universe is expanding, then billions of years reverse from now, it must be more condensed. From the word condensed, I mean really condensed. I.e infinite high density, with massive temperature and pressure with the size range as low as atomic( or even less than that). Can you guess entire you, entire living things, entire earth, entire solar system including sun, entire galaxy, I mean entire universe condensed to a size so small. They say, that resulted in the explosion ( called Big Bang) with so much condensed and stored potential energy (that we can't even count in numbers 😂) to pull everything apart.

Now the smart chimp, with smart cerebral cortex can ask, well can you say something before bigbang ? 
You can ask, from where does all these things came, condensed and exploded ?
The answer is we don't know how.
There are billions of things out of our knowledge. The smart chimp here, admits that we don't know everything.
There is beauty in not knowing everything.😄