Staring at the tremendous media coverage that’s been going on about the death of Shushant, a brilliant Bollywood star, I am speculating about the roles of audience in this tragedy. Are audience the ones, who unknowingly hindering the potential talents? I know that’s an odd analogy to view, but let’s face it, we are kind of responsible. At least that I conclude. Since, when we gave these so called ‘big stars’, authority to boy-cut talents like Sushant from their production houses.
May be he needed to die to make all of us realize his value and what he was worth of . And obviously that’s what he might have thought (I know that’s an issue in itself on how a person handles struggle, that’s a topic for another day).

We praise some stars as if they are god or some heavenly figure. You know the kind of overwhelming emotion that we attach to them. I can even remember couple of my friends, who are completely crazy like a lunatic over some stars. No matter the review, they are anxious to go to big screens and halls, so as to spend hundreds or probably thousands on some worthless shit just to observe them. And yes, its not our knowing fault as well. Or At least we never stop to think about our own behavior. Its people like us who put our blind faith over some stars, that at some point those stars act like they can control the career of anyone. Under the pressure of which talents fall to the insurmountable crevasses. We, the audience, are programmed to behave this way by this industry; by this society. By doing that, unknowingly, we are hindering the talent like Sushant. So, tell me, Do you have the guts to break-free from this chain?
I am not particularly fan of any stars, though in Bollywood I like Aamir is one of my favorites. But if his films receive average or poor review, I don’t like to watch it. I am not his karyakarta or something. We make some random, masaledaar movie uploaded over YouTube, a hit with millions of views for the sake of time-pass. So, what shall I expect from this society? Can you not see a movie, even from big film stars that you like, if its not good? Can you bear the thought of it?

Instead, can you initiate a culture to genuinely search for acclaimed quality works to watch and learn. Can we be a fair audience?
The last Bollywood movie that I had watched was Andhadhun by Aayushman Khurrana. And I am happy that I made a deliberate search for it and watched it as it was critically acclaimed. I enjoyed it thoroughly even though it was from some average star. If you are pitying over loss of potential a big star, look deep within yourself. Are you also a part of this robbery gang that makes profit by sucking air out of creative souls? I mean, just because Sushant turned down some average movies to focus on his craft; how can they boy cut him?
I believe, Nepali movie industry is somewhat away from the shadow of heavy Nepotism. Yeah,I know at some level nepotism exists here as well, but at least we, the audience, do have guts to make a movie flop even from a big star, if the plot is not convincing. And we promote real talents like Bipin, Dayahang, Buddhi, Saugat and all. Nepali industry is yet to grow big, till then I hope our industry stays away from Nepotism.