2015: My Story

I decided to create this Medium account as I have seen it used by many as a way of expressing themselves. I also think that starting on the last day of 2015 and writing about how my 2015 was is a good time to start so I can reflect back onto it as I write in 2016.

Looking back at early 2015 I was very naive and wasn’t too sure about the business world as a whole although already having discovered it for a few years before. I was working in the networking industry at this time, gathering knowledge and understanding the industry a lot more. Through this time I was also very active with a lot of old friends from YouTube making Mincraft servers.

As the year progressed into more mid 2015 I had met many people who saw potential and great things in me. They helped me realise I could do so much more. That was when I started my own business, my own YouTube network with the help of a peer. Since then I had been properly researching the industry more and more, building contacts and making a successful name for myself. This was all up until November.

Nearing the end of November I wasn’t really enjoying working in the industry all that much. I had branched out into different things like website hosting and moderation of a friends Minecraft server in the time but networking wasn’t something that was too much of a passion anymore. I had thoughts for several months of 2015 and then in November I officially resigned from the YouTube networking industry. I had and still have many thoughts about returning as it was something I loved and invested time into and really how I had met so many incredible people. I had got numerous job offers but in the end didn’t accept them and return. Will I return? Well, that’s for the future to lead me on my path.

Coming December I wasn’t doing much, I was really just chilling out and recording more and more for my YouTube channel with 35K subscribers and making a lot more friends and doing much more for that side of me. Although this was active I still missed working on something. I missed the flair I had for business and everything I wanted to do and achieve for myself.

So this is where I am now. 31st of December 2015. Of course, there are many things still nagging me. Should I have done something else? Chosen a different path? Not spoken to him? There are a few things and a few “rivalries” that still need completely sorted out. I want to completely fix this and make 2016 a year that I don’t have enemies, people wanting to put me down or do other things or have any regrets.

Thank you for taking the time to read my first post on Medium and my 2015 experience and I wish you the best for the new year!

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