YouTube Certified

As I am sure you can tell from the title, I am YouTube Certified. Today (January 30th 2016) I officially took the “YouTube Certification — Audience Growth” exam and passed with 82%.

I applied for the course in 2014 but due to lack of experience was unaccepted, again I was declined in early 2015. I then left it for a bit, became more experienced and in mid-late 2015 was accepted. I was so excited to get started and learning the key concepts for this course. However that changed.

I started the course with enthusiasm but then I just plain out got bored. I didn't enjoy learning it and it was getting tedious. I took the test and winged it and unfortunately failed by 1 mark. I felt annoyed and just left the course. Every now and again I would come back to it.

Up to this day I felt I didn’t really need to take it, that it wouldn’t benefit me really and 6 months later in January I hadn’t taken it. Today though, I saw friends achieve it and the happiness and fulfilment they had from passing it. That got me turned on and ready to go again.

I started looking over the videos and learning the course but then again I got bored and tired. I again then just took the test. However, this time I went about it better. Rather than just winging it, I did the questions I knew I could do or was fairly confident on and then went over material on sections I wasn’t as strong in. I did a total of 39% of the course and when I clicked finish, I closed my eyes, prayed and hoped for the best. My heart was thumping. I opened my eyes, there it was a pass with 82%! I was ecstatic and started sharing the news with friends.

Today was a day I accomplished so much and I hold my head high. I look forward to sitting the Digital Rights Management Exam and hopefully completing it too. Thanks for taking the time to read.

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