Science and Revolution

Scientifically are there studies about whether one can live without capitalism? What is the scientific or non-scientific explanation of why money was invented? Scientifically, can you explain to us the principles of neoliberalism? Scientifically, can you explain to us why capitalism prepares certain crisis every so often to reactivate its economy? What are the ethical principles?

Maybe these questions could be answered by Lee’s AI class?

We don’t want to go to the university, we want the university to be erected in our communities, to be taught and to learn together with our people.

Yes! University should be more integrated into communities, serve communities.

not workshops disguised as schools, which only teach the functions of work at the service of capitalism (cheap and poorly qualified manual labor). We want scientific studies, not just technical studies. We want to learn and make science and technology to gain the only competence that’s worth the effort: that of life against death.
Typical at CMU’s offshoot NREC

This is my exact complaint against being at CMU last year. It was a workshop designed as a school. I worked on a military contract. Lot’s of labs worked on either defense or large multinational contracts. I was working for death, for profit, and for money.

In our struggle for liberation we see and feel the reality produced by the capitalist hydra. We are therefore creating a new society and a new world to save nature for the sake of a humanity without injustice, inequality, exploitation, and poverty. For this we need the original peoples, all exploited people, the artists and you as scientists to be united, because your inventions and discoveries are very important for the development of humanity. What do you think and what do you have to say about this?
we cannot delegate our tasks as full human beings to others.