ABAB : The Whole Rental Market is Changing.

You can be a professional professional to allow your landlord, or you can rent your home as an ‘accidental landlord’ because you have to leave the house and trade or hire in a bigger place. Whatever your situation, be sure that you are aware of your financial responsibilities. Let me meet a project that will save you from all these troubles.

Abab.io is a decentralized marketplace for renting a place that solves the problem of trust between the host and the guest in a block chain. Our team is applying a single guest and host database to the blockchain, with all the announcements made by the hosts, all the relationships between the guest and the host, and the booking and agreement systems between the guest, the host and the partner. Partners are third party service and interface developers for both hosts and guests.


ABAB.DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization used for the development of projects based on Abab.io technology (primarily for the formation of the partners’ products).
The main differences from traditional solutions, such as Airbnb, are:
• interaction between the guest and the host based on a smart contract;
• An open technology for partners who can create the best offer for their guests (language / currency / site / mobile application / support service) using the database of all hosts;
Access to the host database without having to worry about any changes in the dictatorship of the game rules or “big brother”, without the burden of legal interactions with thousands of counterparties and having to request permission and access from abab.io.
There are always two main risks — the platform and the counterpart in the traditional alternatives. If you are a guest, something about the platform and the host can go wrong, and if you are hosted — something about the platform and the guest may go wrong. We will lift the platform risk through DAO and we will reduce the risk of the counterparty by smart contracts.

Resolved Problems

Guest Issues
The average rental fee for the placeholders is around 9–35%. Terms of use are generally the same for all users of the system, and you can not refuse to use things like insurance or phone support. You can not change a reservation system to another system; Because other market participants do not have access to the database and reputation system.

Small market participants problems
If a company wants to enter a rental market by itself, it needs a large amount of real estate investment (to offer a lease), or it needs a home pool (AirBnB business model) to earn commissions from the opportunities it provides to its homeowners. The first option needs capital investments, the second option requires much time and marketing costs.
“Sharing” companies have several leaders in the market that have a large amount of money about guests and hosts. These databases can not be used by third-party developers because they generally do not have an API. If there is a proprietary third party API developer, it sets the terms of ownership and can change the size of the commission and seize the markets warmed by the partners.

Abab Token Distribution

Abab (AAA) — Limited emission ERC20 cryptomoney token
Blockchain: Ethereum
Each Abab unit can be divided into 100,000,000 pieces.
1 AAA (ICO) = 0.10 USD
Total amount of AAA: 1,000,000,000 (1 billion)
Amount of AAA reserved for:
ICO and pre-ICO — 30% (300,000,000)
AbabDAO — 30% (300,000,000)
Marketing — 29.5% (295,000,000)
Team — 10% (100,000,000)
Bounty — 0,5% (5,000,000)


Core Team

Alexey Nebotov — Project Team Leader. He is currently working with a team of 20 analysts and developers. He has 5 years of experience in the block chain. Solidity has developed intelligent contracts.

Sergey Latatuev — Project Architecture. Has extensive experience in enterprise application architecture.

Denys Matuzenko — Project Front-end Developer. 10+ years of experience in architectural, analytical, design and development of enterprise solution.

Yaroslav Lunev — Head of Communications. He has over 7 years experience in digital marketing and business management, Director of Photography.

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