BitJob : Decentralized Job Finding Platform for Students

Yes you really see right.Designed for students and for their job finding and work. BitJob ( ) is a nice new project that cryptocurrency has in store for us. We all know the struggles students are going through, always in debt and hard to find jobs. With this project everything is changing for young and brilliant part of our society, students.

Hello my student friend.And investors who give this opportunity to students. Hello to you .

If you come to read the text, obviously you need earnings. You do not have any of us? If you are interested in making music, if you are good at graphical drawings, or if you have animation skills, or if you know any programming language, you are looking for a job that you can do. Do not miss the link at the end of the article. Now you can start to read the text.

University students suffer money troubles as we all know. The income from the family of very few of them is high, and all the remaining students get the next credit — scholarship history. Bills, photocopies, entertainment, road rentals, house rentals, meals are the ones that spend the most. When combined with student expenses and school expenses, the money that a family of a standard student gets is not enough until the end of the month.Many students are willing to make money to get rid of this situation. There are many students who are willing to go to work and earn their tuition in half a day, if at all, on full-time or weekends. But they will get job finding. Because there are many other university students who want to earn money while working half a day and most of the jobs are filled.

This is exactly the time BitJob is running your help. BitJob is built in a decentralized way, with blockchain, but is also using traditional payment gateways such as cash. It is great because it brigs more opportunities, both for crypto savvy and for those that are not so experienced with crypto and would rather be paid in cash. We hope they will still be interested to learn crypto and reap the benefits of emerging markets that crypto economy brings us.

If you are in a very demanding market, your computer, your account information, etc. If you have features; You can find jobs in companies you can earn better. The working hours will be adjusted accordingly so that you will apply as a university student anyway.

Working while you are a student will also remove the “experience condition” problem you will encounter after you graduate, because you will have gained experience for as long as graduation.

BitJob platform will employ ERC 20 compatible tokens, built on ethereum network. Token will be called STU. The team is also planning a pre-ICO and an ICO. Pre-ICO will be held on 02.08.2017. while ICO is planned for September 2017. Maximum number of STU tokens is 100 000 000, while sending 1 ether to the crowdsale will bring you 1000 STU tokens.

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