Decentralized Lottery Platform

One of the world’s most popular and virtually every country’s many years of tradition is the lottery. Without paying attention to any socio-economic and socio-cultural parameters, every individual from every part of the society receives a lottery ticket. As the lottery ticket is not expensive, everyone has expectations “maybe I will win one day” .Then I ask. “ why not ? “

In this article, I will talk about the project TrueFlip, the lottery tradition on blockchain, as well as completely hidden plans to move. The TrueFlip platform will give investors the opportunity to distribute profits through public offering.

During the public offering, one TFL token will be offered at a fixed price against 0.0005 Bitcoin. I will talk about public offerings at the end of the article. First, let us consider “ Why a lottery project is one of the best-thought-out ideas on blockchain.? ”

If you want to join the public immediately:

As you know, almost every sector is carrying this platform to benefit from blockchain blessings. It is a fact that the gambling world has also entered these platforms rapidly in these days when the interest in both the internet and the cryptomoney world is rapidly increasing. If we think that the successful gambling platforms we see on Ethereum are slowly passing by, we can say that the TrueFlip lottery platform will be very successful with good ad management.

Advantages of TrueFlip

First of all TrueFlip’s goal is to become the most popular and transparent blockchain lottery platform. Today, the biggest problem of lottery games should be the center. Especially in many countries, lottery games are carried out by state mechanisms. This brings with it many problems like tax and transparency.

And the power of control is in the hands of the state, the doubts about the legitimacy of these central lottery games are based on quite right reasons. The injustices in these lottery draws are also victimized by the players who receive the lottery ticket, which is contrary to the rules of award distribution.

TrueFlip aims to move all these problems created by centrally-based lottery games to a purely centralized, fair and open-ended platform that works on blockchain. At this point, the power will pass from the central company or state organs to the hands of the players.

Determining the winner on the TrueFlip platform will be entirely Bitcoin block hashes. When a certain number of blocks are found in Bitcoin, it will have random hash of its network created, and lottery winning numbers at the same time. The source code for the TrueFlip platform is open source code that anyone can see and will always be open to review on GitHub pages.
Ticket procurement, collection of the prize pool consisting of tickets will be completely decentralized automation with future developments.

TrueFlip’s Current Running Version

TrueFlip, which pre-sold about $ 400,000 behind closed doors, opened its in April 2017. Up to now, more than 60 users have reached the platform, more than 110 tickets were received, more than 21 Bitcoin award was distributed.

Now, by offering TrueFlip tokens to the public, they are aiming to be an investor-friendly partner, and they are aiming to put an extremely attractive figure in the jackpot box, which we call the big prize.

Half of the approximately 6000 Bitcoins they target at the ICO will go to this prize. A lottery with a grand prize of about 3000 BTC will surely be interested by the players. This amount will be kept from the cold multisig wallets and the developer team will have no authority over this amount.

The other part of the collected money will be used for the development and promotion of the TrueFlip platform. As I mentioned above, some of the technical steps of the platform are still not fully decentralized. Here, the collected money will cover the development effort that is allocated to it. At the same time, there will be a sufficient amount of developers to promote the platform.

Public Offering Details

The IPO (Initial Public Offering) has begun as of June 28th and even if it has collected about 1236.89 BTC / 3,297,548 USD 
 All tokens of 20% remain on the team. These tokens will be locked and will only be released in 3 stages through certain stages. After 20% successful public offering, 40% will be released after 6 months and 40% will be released after one year.
During the public offering, TFL tokens will be sold at a fixed price of 0.0005 BTC apart from the bonus stages.

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