Is millennials a generation which would end up faking it ??

Now that I have your attention lemme start and yeah by faking it I don’t mean the orgasms but everything; the emotions the personas seriously everything.
Why would I say such a mean thing after all I am a part of millennial? Let’s see:
We see a group of cool people we fake ourselves to get it, We see a boy/girl we are interested in we fake ourselves for them to like us, We want a job we fake ourselves , We fake everything that makes us “we”. Be it a movie u like or a song u heard but if that doesn’t sound cool we fake it.
 Hell thanks to social media we not only spoil our vacations but we even fake our enjoyment for a post on Instagram, we try out new things not because we’ve an adventure streak because we wanna post it.


Yeah it’s a tough one think abt it.
That question was on my mind for a long tym now and what I think is we are afraid of being judged for who we are, we are afraid that we would not be likeable, we are afraid of being left out we are afraid of being getting lost or getting unnoticed.

Glad I bring that unnoticed part..have u seen the shit youngsters post on youtube or just to get noticed or to get views . It’s saddening, that in a race of being unique with such a population we lost ourselves.
It has consequences, if u connect the dot u would see...yes, faking it does seem harmless at first bt it is harmful because u bottle up a part of yourself that makes u "YOU" and then u wonder why are u not happy even after having everything or by having everyone we love by our side.We are confused for no reason and with time we even forget the real us. That constant feeling of being not satisfied that shiver which consumes us even after having a happening life and a happening time u know what that is..??
We r not living our life, but we are living the life we pretend to live or the life which society approves. By pretending to like it won’t make us like it that’s what that feeling is for.
Have you seen the numbers of suicides, depressed youngsters , failed marriages and the need for therapists have sky rocketed up,see the bigger picture that we often fail to see like how we don’t have time for ourselves our needs our wants and even if we do have time we ignore our desires instead we should EMBRACE IT, PRACTICE IT as a hobby use it to EXPRESS your feelings/emotions that no one would understand.
 Atleast it would be a sliver of HOPE to move on with your fast pacing life, a part of YOU and a part of SATISFACTION that we all desperately need but don’t usually get. Be you no matter how weird your desires or wants sounds because you would do that for you not the world...n ssshhhhh world doesn’t need to know everything . So cheer up fellas, why so serious? (pun intended)😜