Tell us about a time that you hustled to make something happen?

I made an executive decision to begin my career in tech. I had recently graduated from College with a degree in Information Technology. That time I was confused joining a company or a startup as the Software engineer, or to give an attempt to GATE examination.

I was already placed in my college days and it was a tough decision for me to select either of them as both of them are far apart from each other. I wanted to do masters from a reputed organisation and learn in depth knowledge of computer science and also wanted an industry experience to enhance my skills. I met with folks on both ends of the spectrum to ask questions, and discover where I fit best. I’ve tried to meet as many new people as I can. Studies show that broad networks are the most beneficial in finding jobs. We never know how people we meet can influence us so I tried every option. Some suggested me to join the company and start my career as giving an attempt to GATE is like shooting blindly in the dark, either you hit the target or you miss it. So I start waiting for my joining. I got a call from the company after few days that my joining is delayed due to business requirements and I had to wait more. Again, I continued to hustle.

In the meanwhile I was enhancing my skills by doing certifications from Coursera, edx and udacity. Months passed and there were no calls and mails from the company about the joining and when I call them they had only one answer that ‘’As communicated earlier. Please be informed that, your joining is in process and we will revert back to you on your joining status as and when we get an update’’. I need to wait for that to happen, but while I was waiting for that to happen, I was not just sitting on my hands. I was doing other things, because my goal was to learn as much as I can. I used to code religiously every day, and throughout the day also checked various startups.

I wanted to learn about new technologies, product developments — for general knowledge and to help augment my career funnel. I applied to various startups too in the meanwhile. I got call from some startups but got rejections from many. All these things gave me a lot of experience. I got to learn about the latest technologies, startups, skills. I continued all this. More months passed and I was still waiting for my joining. After four months I realised that I am not that much experienced to join a company or a startup. A lot has to be learned. I thought of moving on and continue my studies to GATE. It was a blind shot and I started studying days and nights to make this possible. I didn’t wanted to have any regrets in life so I put all my efforts in this examination.

Hard work really pays off and now I am here, studying in India’s one of the best institutes pursuing my Mtech from Indian Institute of Technology, ISM DHANBAD in Computer Science and Engineering.