Author’s Note: I’m a huge fan of Pando, so I was stoked to write about my experience pooling as part of a series they’re curating.

I’ve taken a strange, meandering path in life, full of random connections, chaos and serendipity. Pando, with its innovative new product — income pools —…

This pandemic is unprecedented. We’ve had pandemics before, but none of this extent in the modern economy.

I’m afraid for loved ones, especially older folks who may pass away before this pandemic ends. I worry for younger people, as well. Even if mortality is lower for younger folks, there’s a…

I recently gave a talk at USSOCOM on machine learning (ML) in healthcare, and I wanted to publish it to get feedback. In ML tasks, there are separate challenges of finding appropriate ML tools to overcome a problem and finding suitable problems to solve. These challenges are best overcome with…

Saumitra Thakur

Physician, VC, and entrepreneur

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