Hello! My name is Saumya, and I am…

a graduate student in the first year of the MDes program at CMU.

a graphic designer, by education and experience. I earned a B.Des. in Communication Design from the National Institute of Fashion Technology in New Delhi, India. After graduating, I worked with a local studio for close to two years, where I was involved largely in publication and packaging design. I also worked on corporate identity projects.

a typophile — I love all things type. I enjoy observing, critiquing, and creating typography, and have recently gone back to the fundamentals by learning calligraphy and lettering.

a reader. My “favourite” book changes pretty much by the week, but give me a good murder mystery any day.

a giant nerd. I loved calculus in high school. (Really.) I read (and watch Youtube videos) about maths and physics concepts for fun, and frequently contemplate the vastness of the universe.

very passionate about food. I enjoy cooking, almost as much as I enjoy eating. I’m always looking for new recipes and restaurants to try out — suggestions are welcome!

a collector of pop culture references. I have spent (wasted? Probably) a large portion of my time watching films and TV shows. It is my biggest guilty pleasure.

a puzzle enthusiast. Whether it’s an applied maths problem (see above; “giant nerd”), a logic-driver brainteaser, or a crossword, I like solving puzzles as a stress-buster.

above all, excited to learn about interaction design, and more.