Memorial Day Sales - Indulge with Memorial Day Jewelry and Fashion Accessories

What is Memorial Day?
Memorial Day is a United States federal holiday that honors the men and women of the Armed Forces who passed away while serving the nation. Many consider it an informal start to the summer season.

When is Memorial Day?
This thoughtful day is observed on the last Monday of May. This year, Memorial Day falls on May 28, 2018.

How to Shop, Save and Style up?

Stay Home and Save Big!
Memorial Day sale brings you the perfect assortment of quality products at cheap prices. You can enjoy incredible savings on hundreds of new accessories and items that are in line with the hottest trends. It’s an excellent time to grab some unique gifts or a little something for yourself.

$1 Online Auctions
When you are on a budget or want some real good stuff without spending a bomb, low price online shopping is the way to go. Websites like Shop LC offer $1 online auctions. As the name suggests, the auctions start at $1, with no reserve prices or any hidden charges. It’s a free bidding system where you just name your price for any product put up for auction.
Sterling Silver under $10 
Sterling silver is the most common and comparatively the cheapest precious metal used in jewelry today. The metal’s alluring white shimmer once polished and malleability renders jewelers to craft creative and charming jewelry that has a universal appeal. Set with real gemstones, sterling silver jewelry under $10 makes for the perfect gift options for your friends and family and makes for a valuable addition to your collection.

Flaunt your Patriotism with style
Show-off your patriotic side with the patriotic accessories and jewelry. Embracing the red-blue-white color palette that symbolizes American patriotism, you can look your stylish best and become a trendsetter.

Patriotic Accessories
Dress like a diva and win attention and compliments everywhere. When dressing with a patriotic theme, there are creative ways to style the colors and patterns of the American flag. Some amazing combinations are:

  • Blue embroidered V-neck top with red quilted handbag and red band watch.
Blue embroidered V-neck top with red quilted handbag and red band watch
  • White striped tunic with royal blue satchel and watch.
White Striped Tunic with Royal Blue Satchel and Watch
  • Stylish cotton and polyester scarves and sassy sunglasses that lend well with any outfit.
Cotton and Polyester Scarves and Sassy Sunglasses

Red, White, and Blue Jewelry

Red White Blue Pendant

Enjoy Memorial Day jewelry sales and stock up your collection with red, white and blue colored patriotic jewelry to rock this summer. These classic colors add a patriotic vibe to any attire and help you look stunning and trendy.

Red: Enjoy the lush warmth of this hue with these stones:

  • Ruby: A precious gemstone of the corundum group, this gem symbolizes love and passion.
Ruby Bracelet
  • Garnet: The word garnet originates from the Latin word “garanatus,” meaning “seed like,” referring to the richly colored pomegranate fruit. And you can see why!
Garnet Ring
  • Coral: An organic gem from the depths of ocean.
Coral Heart Shaped Pendant

Blue: Relish the cool hues of these gems:

  • Sapphire: Ruby’s sister stone popular for its blue hue.
Blue Sapphire Ring
  • Tanzanite: Rarer than diamonds, this gem displays a violet-blue tone.
Tanzanite Earrings Set
  • Turquoise: One of the rarest gems known to man, this gem is believed to have healing properties.
Turquoise Pendant

White: A classy and soothing hue that always impresses.

  • Diamond: A girl’s best friend.
Diamond Pendant
  • Mercury Mystic Topaz: A fascinating variety of topaz with iridescent play of colors.
Mercury Mystic Topaz Ring
  • Australian White Opal: A subtle-hued, iridescent gem that possesses characteristic play of colors and dreamy charm.
Australian White Opal Cuff

So what are you waiting for? Grab your favorite fashion accessories and Memorial Day Jewelry for a splendid summer trend and pamper yourself and your loved ones with these trendsetting beauties at unbelievable prices!