Hi folks, I’m writing this blog to let you know about how did I come up with an idea to create Tambola — a game as my side project.

Tambola: The Game
Tambola: The Game

As I love travelling, I often spend my vacations with my family. On every vacation, one standard game which we all play is Tambola. So we always have it in our vacation checklist. As we always have a physical game with us, it involves one member from us to call for random numbers, and other participants will take part in the game. In this way, the caller will have to call…

This is the first time I’ve created a full-fledged game. Let's see how it goes! 😊 Play the game @ tambola.fun


As I love travelling, every time I visit with my family/friends, we always try to play a very popular game, Tambola/Houzee. We choose to play this game because it can be played between any number of people and in the end its elementary to understand. Those who don’t know this game, here is the short brief — Tambola is a game played on a fundamental principle. The organizer/caller calls a number at a time and players need to strike…

Part III

This is the third part (Part I & II) of my articles which discuss what makes a programmer pragmatic. This article will focus on these 2 characteristics —

  1. Knowledge Portfolio: They are always ready to learn. They know how to keep their momentum up.
  2. Communicate: They know what exactly they want to communicate & they are always ready to accept the feedback.

Your knowledge & experience are your most important professional assets. Unfortunately, they’re expiring assets as well. Your knowledge becomes out of date as new techniques, languages & environments are developed. Change in the market may render your experience…

Part II

This is the second part (Part I) of my articles related to what makes a programmer pragmatic. This article will focus on these 2 characteristics —

  1. Stone Soup & Boiled Frog: They tend to be a catalyst for a change
  2. Good-Enough Software: They understand the context in which they are working so that they can measure the goodness of the software they are building.

This is one of the most interesting stories I’ve ever read about in the field of programming.

Just to start with let me go you through the story quickly:

There were 3 soldiers, who are returning…

Part I

The main reason I’m writing this article is to clear up my understanding of How a pragmatic programmer is different from other programmers? I hope many of you reading this also has the same question in mind while listening to the term “Pragmatic Programmer”. So let’s begin:

By “other” (or “normal” programmer) I mean that each & every programmer on this planet is unique. All have some strengths & weaknesses, preferences & dislikes. Over time many of them will develop characteristics that craft the reflection of their own.

Whereas “pragmatic” is the behaviour of a programmer, and here are some…

The article which I was looking for from a long time when I was hunting all over the internet to search for an article which can help me out about structuring a Node JS app

But thanks to our great developer community which helps me out with great articles which makes myself capable to write this one. I’ve tried my best to accommodate all the best practices in building this app structure.

This article gives an overview of structuring a Node JS app mainly focusing on REST API implementation.
Here is my repo for detailed understanding. Lets start folks…


As in my previous post about SPAs (Single Page Applications), I’ve mentioned that:

One of the biggest disadvantage of SPA is difficulty in the implementation of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). The app’s page in the single page app never refreshes, since the data is fetched over API calls, thereby making it very hard for the page to be optimised for search engines.

It is very important to make a web-app which is super fast, has the capability to be grabbed by the search engines, and is readable by social media platforms to make sharing of web pages easy and interactive.

These days, SPAs “Single Page Apps” are on the rise in the world of web technologies.

Single page apps are those apps which work inside a browser and don’t require page reload while they are being used. SPAs make requests to the DOM/markup & data independently and render the page directly in the browser. Some of the popular SPAs that we use everyday includes - Gmail, Google Maps, Github, Airbnb or even the Medium itself.

In more technical words, SPA uses HTML5 & Asynchronous Server calls (Ajax) to give a smooth response to user’s request and allowing content to be…

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