A sneak peek into the new Peerio: Join our private release!

We’ve been busy building a powerful new architecture for Peerio. Today, we invite you to test the redesigned— Peerio.

The first version of Peerio was an end-to-end encryption platform for low volume, one-on-one communication. As we grew and listened to feedback from users, we realized that Peerio could do a lot better than that. So we committed the past year to a radical overhaul.

The new Peerio is faster, more secure, and designed to serve individual users and busy organizations. We’ve built a new system called KegDB, an innovative way to manage multiple levels of access to encrypted conversations and files. We’ve also split the encryption core from user interfaces, which leads to faster synchronization between devices.

Besides those major architectural upgrades, there are other great changes to Peerio. We got a new interface. We came up with more ways to protect our server. We made file sizes unlimited, so you can upload anything. Uploads and downloads automatically resume, which means you can still share big files on a weak wifi connection.

All that time we spent redesigning a better backend for Peerio also sets the groundwork for awesome end-to-end encrypted features and add-ons that we’ll be releasing in the future. We can’t wait to share all that with you.

Join our mission to ensure privacy for everyone. Sign up for the Peerio private release here.

This article has been written and edited by Kristin Li. Kristin is a marketing content manager at Peerio Technologies.