This was an app built for a startup that enables users to explore doctors based on their field of expertise and further book appointments with them. It solves the real-world problems of finding the right doctors, asking around for their credibility and reviews while at the same time preventing long queues for consulting their respective medical expert.

Problem Statement

This project was done for a startup looking to revamp the modern healthcare system by bringing all medical professionals under one fabric, making them better accessible to the masses. We set out to make sure each and everyone receives the right help from the right person without the hassles of running around for appointments or asking around for the right medical help.

About the Team

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This project was taken up by a team of user experience designers, Saumyaa Suneja and Reuben Abraham, committed to solve local problems by implementing core design methods and philosophies. The research and design work was executed as a unit to be completed within two weeks.

Understanding the User

Based on the problem statement, we started listing out the various pain points of the users.


The main features of the app were decided and jotted down.

  • Categories —
    The home page of the app will include the various fields of specialization such as eye, ENT, skin, heart etc. This will be the first and foremost classification where the patient will be able to choose a respective field they want the doctor to be from.
  • Search Option —
    There’s a search option at the top bar. Pressing on that, a search screen will appear where after putting the text at the top, related results will be shown. This corner can be used to search for doctors based on existing knowledge or acquaintance as well as the field of specialization.
  • Listing Clinics and their details —
    There will be various clinics listed in the app. The page of the clinic will include its description, contact details and the doctors coming under the respective clinics. Further, there will be doctor profiles available which will consist of the description of the doctor, their details such as their qualifications, experience and the services they can offer.
  • Reviews —
    Reviews will be available for everyone to read and make an informed decision about the clinics as well as the doctors listed on the app. Each clinic and doctor will be having stars on the top based on the reviews received by them.
  • Book appointments —
    Once the user decided on a doctor, they can book an appointment with them based on the consultation fee visible over there itself. While booking the appointment, the user can choose amongst the available time slots, fill out their details on the next screen and confirm the appointment. Users can also pay the consultation fees via the app if they wish to do so, so as to avoid later issues.
  • “My Doctevo” section —
    This section contains the profile of the user. All the appointments, be it consulted, canceled or scheduled, can be accessed here. “Favorites” or “Saved” doctors and clinics can also be viewed here in case a user has listed any of the available ones as the same. This way, the user can track all the previous and upcoming appointments or make a quick appointment with a saved one.

Wireframes and User Journey

Once we knew what the features are gonna be, we made wireframes and low fidelity mockups to define the user flow and the approximate placement of the UI elements.

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Visual Design

Once the wireframes and user journey was done, we shifted our focus to the Visual Design and specific details to create high fidelity prototypes. We set the font to Roboto. Since this was an app related to the medical field, we set the tone of the app as clean and impactful. We chose green as the primary color as it depicts safety, health, and growth which fits perfectly well with the set tone.

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Future Scope

Being a medical based app, Doctevo handles how to explore clinics, doctors and booking appointments in an efficient way and these were the requirements of the company. Other than that, if there’s a need to expand, our suggestion would be to take it to the next level. This app can further cater to order medicines online from various trusted pharmaceutical companies and medical stores. Along with the listed clinics, there can be pharmacies as well which can turn this app into complete health-care app.

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