Best Places In Mumbai That You Can’t Miss!

Mumbai (must) visiting Places

Besides widely known for its age old buildings, the capital of Maharashtra will absolutely leave you amazed by its marvellous cultural and historical shrines. You may find it a little overcrowded, but for some reason it’s worth experiencing the city of dreams. For people who are planning on booking their flights to Mumbai, here’s a list of a few places that you can’t miss at any chance!

1) Marine Drive

Situated in the southern part of Mumbai, the place comes alive in the evenings as folks from all over come here to enjoy the view of the Arabian Sea. Famously known as the Queen’s Necklace, it is a 4km long walkway which looks incredibly stunning at night with all the lights on that adds some flavour to your experience. Here, you will find street vendors selling mouth-watering snacks and tea.

2) Elephanta Island

Merely 9km away from the Gateway of India, it’s a must visit place as it gives a great insight of the Indian ancient culture and history. Located on an arm of the Arabian Sea, the island containstwo caves –the first is a group of five Hindu caves, the second, a small group of two Buddhist caves. You will surely marvel at the beautiful sculptures made out of rocks, representing the Shaiva Hindu sect, that will definitely make your trip unforgettable.

3) AdlabsImagica

Not very far from Mumbai, the place will never fail to impress you with its luxurious accommodations. Not only it is filled with several rides and eating outlets, but is also known for its other activities like magic shows, acrobatics, BMX bike stunting, hip-hop dancing, stilt walking and juggling.

Some of the main attractions are Rajasaurus River Adventure, Scream Machine, Bandits of Robin hood, Loch Ness Explorers and Motion Box Theatre. The rides are designed for people of all ages. Also, there are around five restaurants in this theme park, which serves delicious mouth-watering cuisines.

4) Kelva Beach

With not so many people around, the not so famous 8 km beach is considered as the best place to go for a one-day picnic with your friends and family. It is also known as Kelwe beach, which is just 80 kilometres north ofMumbai.

5) Kala Ghoda Art Precinct

The literal meaning of Kala Ghoda is Black Horse, came into being due to a black equestrian statue of King Edward VII during the colonial rule. Through the gothic architecture of the buildings in the region, the place will give you a peep into the British era. Currently, the site is used for art galleries, educational institutes, pubs and museums. Also, try attending the nine-day annual festival of Kala Ghoda,as the place is filled with artistic activities, which will make you simply fall in love with the place.

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