Life is unpredictable and we all know. Sometimes it’s happy, sometimes it’s sad. We all forget to thank god. in happy times but we all blame him very easily for bad period. We all do, I do too. I realise that there is always a lesson behind everything but until and unless we will learn that lesson, situation in our life will never change. We say yes from now on I will work on it but we hardly do and when same thing happens we blame someone or God and forget about the promise we made to ourselves. We want to change the situation but we don’t want to work on it. We need to understand the situation to work accordingly. We need to finish this lesson as lots of lessons are waiting for us but if we stay stick to this one we can never grow as a person.

Let’s all just stop blaming the God or anyone else and stop changing other person and start working on ourselves. Because the first person you should keep happy is YOU. If you are happy then you can keep others happy.