Data Security

saundarya kumar
Sep 21, 2018 · 5 min read

Cloud Security Really Needed!

v Yes It is needed to secure our Data from Attack. There are Many Companies Who Faced cyber Attack and loosed there very precious data. Some of the companies are mentioned below.

  • Linkenin :- 6.5 M Usernames and passwords were Hacked from linkedin database and published in public sites.
  • Sony: — This company Experienced the most aggressive cyber-attack in history where there financial details , upcoming movies project, were published publically by hackers due to which company suffered financial problem during days.
  • Icloud: — It is a service provider of apple and it was also hacked. Wherein in all the private photos, contact etc. of the users were published publically by the hackers.

What is Cloud Security?

- It is the use of latest technologies and Security techniques to protect our data, application and infrastructure associated with Cloud computing. It is also a sub-domain of computer security, network security, and, more broadly, information security.

Is Cloud Security Really a Concern?

There are many companies who are using and some are also there who are not using due to Security reason. Companies are having fear of cyber-attacks and loosing there confidential data, so to increase cloud computing the security have to be advanced, There are some Major Concerns mentioned by companies are.

· Security/privacy concern is about 38%.

· Data and application integration challenges are about 10%.

· Regulatory compliance Challenges is about 9%.

· Concerns about ‘lock-in’ resulting from the use public cloud service are about 5%.

· Lack of internal skills needed to use public cloud service is about 7%.

· Mistrust f cloud computing is about 7%.

· Public cloud services are too expensive or have an unclear benefit is about 6%.

· Resistance from Executives and/or business line leaders are about 5%.

· Features needed are not available in public cloud services are about 5%.

· Public cloud service are not available in the Geographic’s location we needed are about 6%.

To increase the uses to cloud we have t clear the fears by advancing our cloud storage Security, Otherwise no one will be using it in fear of leakage of their confidential data.

Hence, this proves that Cloud security is really a Concern which has to be advanced and take cared.

Cloud Security Stages:-

There are three stages of threat identification in cloud such as follows.

  • Monitoring Data.
  • Gaining Visibility.
  • Managing Access.

- Monitoring Cloud: — Using Machine learning algorithm, which know what normal System behaviour is, and if any Deviation from this normal system behaviour it will create an alarm and this alarm is then monitored by the cloud security experts sitting over there and after seeing there is a threat they go to the next step, which is Gaining Visibility.

  • Gaining Visibility: — After threat monitored it comes into second step which is Gaining Visibility. In this step experts see what causes that problem or who causes that problem, and then they look tools which give them the ability to look into the data and find all pin that statement or pinpoint that event which causes problem after establishing the problem we move to our last step Managing Access.
  • Managing Access:- After Establishing the problem we come to Managing access, It will give us list of users in case we are tracking the who had accessed and then pinpoint the users who did that and then that users can be removed from the system using the Managing Access team.

Cloud Security in AWS

Implementation of all the stages mentioned above such as Monitoring Access, Gaining visibility and Managing Access via AWS cloud Security System.

1. AWS Cloudwatch: — To monitor Data in AWS, we have a service called AWS Cloudwatch, It is basically a cloud monitoring tool, such that we can manage our EC2 and other AWS resources on cloud. It can be monitored by traffic coming into It, we can also create alarm on our cloud watch. It gives many monitoring types such as

· The ability to monitor custom metrics.

· Monitor and store logs.

· Set alarms.

· View graphs and statics.

· Monitor and React to Resource Changes.

2. AWS Cloudtrail:- Gaining Visibility in AWS, By the help of AWS Cloudtrail we can Identify the Person who had hacked the system and leaked all the valuable documents stored in cloud. It can also show the time when the system was hacked and from where this activity was done. Its kind of working is mentioned below .

· Cloudtrail is a logging service which can be used to log the history of API calls.

· It can be also used to identify which user from AWS management Console Requested the particular Service.

· Taking reference from our example, this is the tool from where we can identify the ‘Hacker’.

3. AWS IAM: — Managing Access in AWS, Basically AWS IAM authenticates the particular Service. The permission to access the AWS IAM is not given to all the employees, only trusted members can access it. AWS IAM provides granular Permission, It Secures the access to the Instanceld by giving us a private file and also it is free to use.

· Granular Permission is provided for Advance security.

· Secures access to applications running on EC2 environment.

· Most important It is free to Use