A Message Regarding After Dough

Dear Doughboys fans,

First off, I just want to say that I’ve been overwhelmed and humbled by the outpouring of support for After Dough with Joe, the official Doughboys aftershow, over the past week. The number of signatures on the Change.org petition created by the UNKNOWN FAN have surpassed my wildest expectations. As a commentator, I feel uneasy becoming the one being commentated on — but the people have spoken and I think it’s safe to say your voices have been heard.

I wish I had something concrete to announce today. Perhaps that After Dough would be back weekly, or even monthly. Unfortunately, I can’t. I have to be honest and admit I’m still deciding what’s best for me and my future. I also have two middle-aged cats, Fiona and Pepe, and it would be nice to spend time with them again. In addition, I wonder if the aftershow had its moment and now that moment has passed. All told, these are the issues I have been wrestling with, and there exists no easy solution.

I will, however, say this about the future: conversations are happening. Over the last week, I’ve spoken with Nick in person and Mitch via text. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but in my heart, I suspect we haven’t heard the last from After Dough.

When we began, I thought we were just going to be making three bonus mini-episodes of a podcast about chain restaurants. Now I see it was something much more — it was the beginning of a movement. A movement started by YOU. The listeners. The fans. I know all of you will continue that movement and I’m excited to see where you take it. I have a feeling you’re just getting started.

Best wishes,

Joe Saunders
Host of After Dough with Joe

P.S. I now have many of your emails thanks to the petition and will be adding everyone to my regular “What’s Joe Up to This Week” email blasts.

P.P.S. To all of you who inquired: yes, my chicken pox has cleared up. Unfortunately, I now have rubella.