Trump Instructs Family To Lie Under Oath By Holding Hand An Inch Over Bible
Allan Ishac

I think that you might be on to something here. However, it could be that if trump touches a Bible, he might just burst into flames and be immolated on the spot.

Cackling two foot tall vermillion imps wearing red panties, clutching tiny, metal cocktail weenie pitchforks would jump up out of the meticulously manicured WhiteHouse lawn, leaving charred circles in the grass.

Then they would chortle and tease him about every single evil deed that he’s ever done since the age of four years old and mock his burning comb-over while it and he burns into a crackling orange pile of cinders.

Um, it’s better for trump if he doesn’t touch any Bible. Ever.

For that matter, he also shouldn’t touch a Torah, the Quran, the Vedas-(Hindu) the Buddhist Sutras or the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

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