What I learned, working at the ‘World’s Biggest Start Up’

Mukesh Ambani, Chairman- Reliance Industries, recently announced ‘Jio is one of the largest transformational green-field digital initiatives anywhere in the world with an investment of over INR 1.5 trillion”. This makes ‘Jio’ world’s biggest start up with USD 25–28 billion investment. A start up which encompasses multiple businesses — retail telecom, e-wallet, multimedia and e-commerce. Jio is expected to reach 70% in Indian population on day one!

Here is what I learned being part of this journey, till now!

Be Present!

It’s a fast growing, quick changing workplace; things get lost in translation or pass you by. Stay connected, keep your eyes and ears open, adapt as the company evolves. Understand the culture and the context of the decisions being taken. Become the facilitator and problem solver for the start up.

People over Ideas!

A good team can drive an average idea for miles; A bad team will breakdown a great idea in meters.

Don’t limit your self to your work, your team, your department. In a start up environment, issues come up which typically require cross functional maneuvers as processes, roles and responsibilities are continuously evolving. Be a positive team player. Look out for the interest of the larger team, understand the strengths of the team and try to leverage these rather than pointing fingers.

Be Passionate!

Don’t bother waiting to be shown your way around, stand up and be useful. In the chaos of growth, milestones and deadlines, don’t be driven by fancy job titles, important role or cool benefits. Let your passion for solving critical customer problems, passion for being part of something bigger, passion to impact of lot of people, drive your actions.

Be Patient !

It’s a dynamic work environment and all the other start ups are hitting the GMV numbers or funding peaks. Believe in your start up, (hopefully!) it is unique and its mission is different than anyone around you. Believe in yourself, your company’s mission, be patient and dedicated to achieve that objective. Results will follow.

Mentor !

If you have spent some time in the start up and feel you are figuring out the method to this madness, lend a hand. Share your experience and help the newer folks with a smooth on-boarding! Help them get clarity and purpose and you might learn a few things yourself!

Have FUN!

All those weekend work marathons to meet the next milestone, late night vigils trying to solve unexpected issues or that annoying boss / teammate / customer are all part of an experience. Not many have the courage to live through this experience or even fewer will get the opportunity to LIVE it! Make the most of it. Enjoy the experience and enjoy company of your work mates!

Who knows, you might launch your own start up with these friends!