How I earned $$$$ by finding confidential customer data including plain-text passwords!

Sushant Soni
Oct 24 · 2 min read

How directory indexing and file path traversal led to confidential customer data in plain sight!

It was like any other Friday night while I was learning more about Web Application security, I remembered that I had forgotten to make arrangements for an upcoming family meeting. It required me to avail the services of a very popular Indian startup. And that’s when it struck me “why not spend some of my time to look for some security loopholes on the site which I use regularly?

  1. Finding Sub-Domains
    I started my recon with enumerating the subdomains. Here I used @tomnomnom’s AssetFinder, the output was then fed to an another great tool by @tomnomnom httprobe.
    One domain in particular looked important to me, it is something like “
  2. Directory Searching
    Second step I usually do is searching for directories/files. Here, I used Dirsearch with a custom wordlist from SecLists to discover content.
    While traversing through all the results, I browsed “”, to my surprise, the directory was accessible and indexing was enabled.
An example of Directory Indexing
An example of Directory Indexing

It was a log directory, some of the logs were old, dating back to 2018, so I tried to access the most recent log files, it was a php file “log-09–09–2019.php” and got an error “No direct script access allowed”. Moving on I noticed there was a gunzipped/compressed version of the same log file “log-09–09–2019.php.gz”.

The gunzip file was getting downloaded, I uncompressed it and opened the file in vim and “VOILA!!”. It opened me to a completely different world, it was a stash of gold/customer data for any hacker out there.
In the file I found customer’s email address, phone no., credit card numbers (some digits masked), PLAIN-TEXT passwords (no way). There were FB OAuth tokens, basically all of the data which can lead to a data breach.

The issue was reported and I received a 4 digit bounty in $

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