Startup guidance needed for choosing right technology

I am looking to develop apps specially for desktop and web with lesser code. I know js so I researched and found meteor to be the best option for rapid application development for web and desktop, but before I even start I want to be pretty sure that I don’t stuck on deployment later.

Can't I deploy meteor on a shared hosting environment like of host gator?

One more point I would like to say, in my country I will have to serve clients with a solution installed on their local desktop with db aswell in few cases such as a billing solution, accounting solution. Clients will force me to install it locally than giving them on web.

Is meteor a good choice for me ? Don't want to go visual basic or towards dot net... Please guide me in right direction.

My requirements again - web, desktop apps, in some cases db will be on clients machine for small apps as mentioned above.

Need quick development and easy to use technology. Don't forget I am a js lover.

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