Vintage Camera Exhibition

When I look at past, I see myself. Looking with hope towards me. The future..

Shooting the cameras was poetic to our sci-fi biased minds. We humanized this phenomenon as Time travel of the camera.

We at Life in pixels, see each moment of life in shades and pixels.

Recently we were lucky to witness an exhibition of rare vintage camera from collection of Mr. Aditya Arya (India Photo Archive) at Select City Walk, Saket. We were rendered speechless by the rare and beautiful collection. Holding my DSLR in my hand, I was not proud to stay advanced, but was amazed to see our roots in photography.

India Photo Archive has really done a marvelous job in taking care of our past and origins.

Please have a look on our Photo Album with pictures from the exhibition.

The exhibition was just a small collection of the Museum. You can visit India Photo Archive website or Mr. Aditya Arya’s website for taking appointment to visit the Museum at Gurgaon, Haryana.