Internship Experience at an early stage startup in a Tier-2 city

Saurabh Kanojia
Jul 15, 2016 · 4 min read

I first heard of EezyNaukari when it came to our college, Kanpur Institute of Technology, to hire interns. We were told that the Founding team will be coming to interview us and the job location would be Kanpur itself. I was planning for some well-established name and went for the session without any clear understanding.

Rahul and Hemant spent some time explaining what they do and what is the benefit that we can get out of this, why they left their jobs in well-established startups- OYO Rooms and IndustryBuying respectively. They went a step ahead and gave time for open questions. Someone asked, ‘Why are you taking the pain developing a business for the good of rural areas?’ They were from IIT and had all reason for doing something for urban problems and living in metro cities. It was the answer to this question when I made my mind to go for this internship, if I get selected.

Making ‘No Stipend’ clear in the session removed all people who wanted to get some bucks for fun, instead of learning. I was interviewed by Rahul Patel, Founder & CEO, and he selected me for the role of Operations Intern after a discussion. I never felt so comfortable giving an interview. Since EezyNaukari was a startup, I believed if I performed well during the internship, they would hire me on a full-time role and I might be able to work in my hometown itself. Also, learning opportunities were also high if I joined the company.

EezyNaukari‘s model comes from creating a bridge to connect unemployed or ill-employed rural poor with job roles where they can use their skills. Unlike other companies working in the same space, they don’t charge anything from the job seekers. The jobs provided are usually in metro cities like Delhi or Mumbai with a guarantee of certificates and experience letter. Their focus on using technology as an enabler is a good example of a frugal tech company.

I joined the team at 10th June and it was their Gol Gappa day in evening hours (they have Gol Gappa, Masala Soda, Aam Panna and Maggi day :) ). This 15 min casual chit chat put me at ease and I never felt uncomfortable or hesitated in asking or voicing my opinion. Working with EezyNaukari team has been fun with a lot of learning. Getting my hands dirty with operations work from day 1, I have been able to learn ‘how to initiate a conversation with any unknown person on the other side of phone’. Interviewing and talking to candidates face to face has also helped me in understanding ‘what are the necessary question one should ask themselves to grow’.

My reporting has been to Hemant Verma, Head of Operations, and his personal efforts in helping us to learn how to work in MS Excel and Google Drive and preparing data reports has been the key parts of my learning. Without complicated and heavy priced software, he makes sure we are able to do all the tracking and reporting easily.

Interaction with Rahul are always challenging since he loves to get answers in ‘why’ and in all such interactions, I have been asked to challenge the usual way of finding the solutions. He believes in asking the question from fundamental level and that’s a great way to learn.

Since we are a team of 10 people, going to office feels like visiting another family. The team members are great and hard-working and always willing to help if I have some questions or need any help to discuss. The bonding in the team is super strong and they are always willing to extra mile to help the team.

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EezyNaukari Kanpur Team

In last 4 weeks, I have come to realise that EezyNaukari is solving a root level problem and the solution is very much needed. If I have to spell the difference, I prefer words used by Rahul in the All Team meet, ‘We’re building it ground up and that’s why our base will survive the test of time’. EezyNaukari with its different approach is democratising the access to jobs for more than 60% population of India. This is not only going to help individuals but families after families. I am really glad to be part of it.

To know who are these people and how are they doing it at EezyNaukari, reach out to us via the website.

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