Imagine a classroom

Imagine a class without a teacher , imagine an exam without invigilator or a school match without a referee. Scary? Does that inner voice questions the fairness of exam ? Or learning in that classroom?

What if I tell you all kids appeared absolutely "fairly" in that exam? What if I tell you that all the students in that class were helping each other solve a problem "which" none of them have ever seen before? 
 Imagine. Imagine their future. Do you believe they will be able to take on unseen challenges and will hold up the values of honesty and dignity ? 
 " Supposed to be " less than a phrase more than an obligation. In the work we do we are supposed to. A teacher is supposed to be present in class. An invigilator is supposed to be in exam Hall. A teacher is supposed to do this and that and not that or probably all of that. 
 Where did that supposed to come from? Does that come from more experienced teachers modeling it out for us? Does that come from our own past experience from education ? Does that come from what I have heard works in class?
 Remember, no great teacher ever just lived with status quo. They challenged it. They explored. Then what is stopping you? Is it a mental image of what a classroom SHOULD look like or what a teacher SHOULD be like?
 Just a quote from a book on leadership. 
 Come to the edge.
 We might fall.
 Come to the edge.
 It's too high!
 And they came
 And he pushed
 And they flew.
 Are you standing on an edge, just waiting for a push? Are you too comfortable , too scared , too busy, too .... Anything? Its tragic how many people hold on to what they know because they fear the unknown. Push yourself. Think what's possible. Imagine. Because magic happens outside your comfort zone.