The stage is set for the penultimate test of both Congress President Rahul Gandhi and Prime Minister Narendra Modi led Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP). The people’s verdict on five upcoming elections of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Mizoram and Telangana will set the agenda for 2019 general elections and perhaps the last chance to know what will work for them respectively.

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Politicians have been trying his old successful strategy of keeping the common voters busy in newly escalated Gotra issue, the old classic Ram Mandir and the evergreen Hindutva with a large pot of Hindu-Muslim. Every time, a group of state…

If you have just started filmmaking, it is very challenging to cover production cost noting that you have no other options for earning. So, you must all be looking for ways to be more cost-effective. Producing low budget screenplays is the first step towards keeping their budget low.

Source: Baldwin Wallace University

In theatres, you have very low budget screenplays. A theatre play always relies on dialogue and varies with the theatre’s space and size. But screenwriters can learn a bunch of lessons from the theatre, particularly when it comes to writing low budget screenplays. …


Being a filmmaker is not as easy as you understand. A filmmaker should be a voracious reader. Books help filmmakers to understand different aspects of filmmaking.
After researching, a list of books is brought to you that will help you to become a better filmmaker. Here are a few of the top recommendations.

  1. The Filmmaker’s Handbook, 3rd Edition by Steven Ascher & Edward Pincus

The Filmmaker’s Handbook will give you information on every aspect of filmmaking- pre-production to post-production as well as distribution. …

Time is money on a film set because your shooting cost will increase, the more you delay your shoot. No filmmaker wants his shooting to take more time. Who would want to pay overtime fees to the crew? It is not necessary that the things will always go as per your plan, so, here are some recommendations for you to increase your time efficiently.

  1. Storyboard and Shot List
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You should have the ability to visualize your shots before the shoots. This will be helpful for you in saving time on set. Wondering why you should do this? It is because…

Why do you make films? Often the answer is that this brings you joy and happiness, but let us face the truth, most of the filmmakers want to earn profits from their work. So, marketing is one of the most important aspects of the filmmaking process. While marketing if you do not have sufficient funds in your account, it will be quite tough. Here are some simple ways to market your film economically.

  1. Create a Marketing Materials Packet
Source: Movie Posters

Charles Judson says that there are countless small pieces of material that you need for marketing. You need to create marketing materials…

As a beginner in filmmaking, things will surely not go how you want it to be. When young and amateur filmmakers start their production houses, there are many things which make them hopeless. At the time of startups, they invest all the money into it, but there are some necessities of the production house remains unfulfilled.

Following are some of the problems that a small production house faces along with the recommended solutions.

  1. Lack of Equipment
Source: PR Newswire Asia

In a small budget, you have to fulfil the basic necessities of a production house. It is essential that you at least own good…

A screenplay is an insight into the world of the film. It is through the screenplay only that the directors, cinematographers, DOPs, actors, and everyone who is associated with the film can map the requirements of the film and have an understanding of the plot and the characters. Writing screenplay should be done with utmost attention and be reflective of the thoughts of the writer. So here are a few screenplay tips that will help you in writing a professional screenplay.

  1. What, Why and for Whom is it for?

Think about the purpose of the movie before you write. Are…

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Pre-production in filmmaking is the first step towards transforming a random idea into a workable project. This stage requires the most work. Most of the people hurry through this step but like the foundation of a building, this stage is the foundation of a movie production. The greater hard work you put in pre-production, the better will be the results. Many blockbuster movies were in the pre-production stages for many years like Avatar, Tree of Life, etc.

There are ten stages in the stages of pre-production in filmmaking that will make you realize its importance. …

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