You have moments of raw inspiration, where you think you can do anything. You are an idealist, you dream, you imagine yourself in powerful, useful roles. Busy, with purpose, with friends around you. Happy. Passionate. Raw.

Then you have more mundane days. Where you are just going through with the motions. The same old routine. Less day dreaming and more weariness with no idea where you are headed.

And the worst thing? The older you get, the less you dream and the more you drift towards mediocrity. The older you get, the more distant those possibilities of being that charming teacher, of being an astronaut, of being all-round brilliant at everything you pick up. Older people just see fewer possibilities. A lot of things you dreamt as a kid have become impossible. You underestimate just how much your peer group is affecting your daily input. Until one day, you meet others who have done the things you dreamt of.

There’s no golden rule which says you should have a productive, driven life. You could be someone who just wants to go to the mountains, take in the surroundings and absorb yourself into the slow meandering life there.

But you aren’t. You feel that fire in your belly. That somewhere it isn't about other people. That you believe something and are willing to put in the effort to not be a spectator about it.

How many of us truly believe we can be among the elite business leaders, athletes, artists, scientists? Or do we just day-dream about it and drift vaguely in that direction.

Ask yourself this honestly. If you don't truly believe you can, you just won’t put in that beyond all expectation effort into it.

We don't rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training.

Believe in something? Work on it like you mean it. Clock’s ticking.

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