And everyone said they are inseparable

When my tired eyes saw your sorrow heart, 
All I could see deep there, was fear, sadness and darth,

Once upon a time, there were emotions and yen, 
All I see around now is resentment, anger and venom.

The happy kisses, the teasing, the unnecessary concern,
All what is left now is helpless world with undefined yearn,

And I wept alone and you wept alone,
And this time there was no shame and no clone.

When you walked over those heavy dry leaves of my garden, 
Which were once the budding twig and never a burden,

Let me lie down at peace in my graveyard of belief,
But then, time does not always brings you relief.

That shock like sensation, those sudden vibrations from head to toe,
And we never realized when in between all this, a friend turned into a foe,

Once the gifts used to be big boxes of flowers and chocolates,
All we are left with now is haunting memories and room full of darkness.

Sorry, my heart sends it to my tongue but my brain asks me to dump, 
Whom should I trust now, one which exists to think or one which is just a blood pump?

There is a difference between good bye and letting go, 
One is never permanent and other path is intentionally narrow,

Someone you loved and adored is saying a good bye, 
I will keep staring at the door till a wind with your mist will pass by,

Someday, we will run into each other again, 
Someday, we will admire each other again, Someday.


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