Annotating the datasets for object detection

Installation of imglab

2. Starting new annotation file

2.1) Go to the directory where imglab has been installed

commands in terminal

2.2) Annotation is done in imglab by creating xml file with .xml extensions

2.3) After running the above code, a new window opens with dataset of images to be annotated

imglab window

3. imglab overview and operations


Note that imglab is a tool for labeling images with rectangles.

Window displays following things

  • image selected for annotation
  • List of images to be annotated(which appears in the left side of the window)-In this list we can take any image for annotation as per your choice by clicking on that particular directory.
  • label input box : to give label for the next bounding boxes

Operations for annotation

  1. You can add a new rectangle by holding shift key,left clicking the mouse, and dragging it until the image to be annotated is enclosed within a rectangle.

2. New rectangles are given the label from the “Next Label” field at top of the window

3. Double clicking a rectangle selects it and delete key removes it.

Note: Save the annotations before quitting the application to otherwise all the annotated data will be lost.

4. Results of annotation

The file will be saved in an xml file in the directory:/name(your directory name where you kept or downloaded the dlib tool)/dlib/tools/imglab/build

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