Best eCommerce Software Yokart Added More Advanced Features

The eCommerce sector has continuously been evolving over the years and the demand for innovative features has not scuttled even a tiny bit. This is why award-winning platform Yo!Kart has been adding new and future oriented features as per the requirement of the clients. This is the reason why it is touted as one of the most prominent eCommerce platforms.

Recently it added a slew of new features to already feature-rich profile. The version 5 of YoKart pushes the lead further when it comes to feature comparison with competition. This includes features like bulk import and export option that makes it easy to transfer the stores data. Another prominent feature that has been added in this latest update is theme management and allows users to alter the color management of the store as per their requirement. The admin dashboard has also been revamped that offers more insights to the statistics of your store. There are new payment gateways added in this latest update so that the owner does not have to shell out additional money to add them in the marketplace.

For more information on what else has been added to this latest update kindly go through this post.