The Indian Startup Ecosystem — Something isn’t right
Nish Rao

Not all points are agreeable... Plus its very easy to write an article and much more difficult to actually run a startup... Copied or new idea... Running a startup and even tweaking its model for local indian needs requires a lot of efforts, thinking and patience...

China could build a baidu and alibaba because for a long time their government didn’t allow giants like google and amazon to enter their markets…

Please do some thorough research and get some hands on startup experience before writing a blog on indian startup system.

It takes a lot of personal sacrifices in running a startup.. And Indian institutes are not heavily funded for great innovations.. This comes from a personal experience… So blame govt for lower R&D budgets than American counterparts instead of blaming indian entrepreneurs

Atleast run a startup for a year and then write on indian startup system. I am sure it will be much different…


Saurabh Vij

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