Day 1:

Let me begin with a small introduction about me.

I am working bachelor who does a 9.30- 6.30 kind of job in banking industry. Kick my day with extreme enthusiasm pumped up music, exercise and drag races across street to reach office. Then comes 9.30–6.30 slot of monotonous stuff, to not make myself looks like a typical banker i keep myself busy in “bakkar”.

I have been through a lot in my life. I am a computer science engineer and u all know how a life of engineer is plus i am mba in finance as well( following the trend in market).

My life been a happy tragedy till now. Everyday their is a new “greh( shani rahu ketu)” screwing my day off. Since birth i was notorious. My teacher beats me all the day. They threw me out of the class. But the day ends up with a happy moment( thanks to my parents).I am very bad with subjective languages( u may observe some grammatical error or wrong sentence in certain or probably in every post, you are welcome for feedback/correction).

I am always eager to learn new things and a quick learner.

With this small intro i sign off for today with a quote

Only the mediocre are always at their best.