Someone once told me…

"don’t be a cigarette;people throw them after it’s dead. Be a drug;people will die for you till they are…well…Dead"

I can’t just explain you how fucked up I was that time, both in the departments of drugs and dime. Although, there was one more thing that was even more FUBAR then all my worries…I was lovesick, and with every passing shades of moon, the heartache was getting worst.

But even though with a motherload of grudge in my soul, the weed kicked in and the sweet release of dopamine in my brain came out with something that makes me smile even now and then. I replied…

"It’d be my bad luck if i’d be a drug, people will take me in and when they are done with me, they’ll just piss me off. You know literally piss me off. But I’d be more than glad to be a cigarette, with the kiss of the fire our hearts would ignite, I’d let them burn my soul with the embers of light. I’ll be a smoke, diving deep in the man and watch him try his best to contain me if he can."


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