Attended my first product talk (as an audience)- Part 1

It’s not even worth mentioning. And frankly feels a bit weird to write about this after over a year of the actual event happening.

Initially the idea was to absorb as much as possible & share the “learning” with my fellow designers, developers & product managers back at the office. I diligently took notes at the product talk for over 10 hours spanning two days. Typed the whole thing out & shared the link to the google doc with everyone in the team. I deliberately kept the notes a bit cryptic, hoping to get comments & start off discussions. But none of that happened. Now, I had a document lying in my drive, which was like an year old & no body other than me has read. Talk about wasted effort, eh!?

Thankfully, there is Medium. So here are the notes!

Swiggy (company)/Anuj (speaker)/ Prioritization(topic)

  1. It is important to set the context for your product team


Who aligns with whom?
  1. All product teams seek autonomy

GoCash Course correction?

  1. New path: Users will go to the platforms which have certain amount of social trust
Spotify’s alignment policy

Part 2: Gojek, NerdWallet, Byju’s

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