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  1. This is when GoJek wanted to launch a system to generate coupons to promote restaurants on its platform
  2. This is a B2B2C problem statement- Restaurant specific coupons, where the restaurants share the burden
  3. First objective was to run a POC. It was important to prove the value in this hypothesis
  4. This led to the formation of a “Lean” team. 1 PM, 1 Analyst, 0 developers. Coupons were manually made after discussion with restaurants.
  5. Each campaign took 7 days to launch which led to almost 15% increase in orders for these specific restaurants. …

It’s not even worth mentioning. And frankly feels a bit weird to write about this after over a year of the actual event happening.

Initially the idea was to absorb as much as possible & share the “learning” with my fellow designers, developers & product managers back at the office. I diligently took notes at the product talk for over 10 hours spanning two days. Typed the whole thing out & shared the link to the google doc with everyone in the team. I deliberately kept the notes a bit cryptic, hoping to get comments & start off discussions. But…

India’s call centre industry has grown rapidly in the past decade, but recent research suggests it’s no longer the world’s biggest- BBC News

India’s IT growth in the last couple of decades were two pronged- IT services and BPO. Even as IT services industry holds firm, the BPO business have started to stall.

Increasing number of firms have started to move their call centres to Britain and America as more Indian youngsters start to realize the reality of traditional call centres- night shifts, minimal growth and dead end jobs. So how do we fuel India’s next big push in skilled…

My journey into the field of ‘Product Management’ started way back in 2012 as a sophomore at IIT Khargpur; though I had no idea what was it called back then.

I had just joined a college startup which conducted robotics workshops for schools. There was hardly any structure to the organization. Decisions were taken on the fly and issues mitigated without supervision. But somehow we never had to cancel/reschedule any workshop over a period of 2 years of operation.

I’ve traveled in general compartment of trains overnight, carrying robotics kits for students and then delivered 6 hour workshops. …

Saurav Kumar Singh

Product Manager | Your next door Start-up guide

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