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Snapseed is one of the most used photo-editing apps in Android and iOS
So you already have an inbuilt photo-editing software in your Gallery or photos which does all the work for you?

Think again?

But you have to understand that... you have an access to very limited features.

But Snapseed comes to the rescue

So,what makes it stand apart?

It has a very intuitive and flexible design than most apps on your smartphone,produced by Nik software

(Nik Software develops multiple image editing plug-ins and tools for digital image processing applications, such as Adobe Photoshop and Snapseed, a popular image enhancement application for iOS and Android. In September 2012, Nik Software was acquired by Google for an undisclosed amount)

You will never see an app such good in ease of access it is simple and elegant but a bit difficult to understand,we will make it simple for you

Snapseed was rated as one of the Top 100 Best Android App of 2015 by PC Magazine

When you launch the app this is what are displayed

So after selecting a photo the basic things you use which are available in almost all the photo-editing are "Tools"which are the basics for cropping,rotating,Writing text,opacity etc etc perspective is a little new one here which makes your image tilt frontwards and backwards and curve too which darkens or lightens a particular part of an image

Here's a look at Text feature

What makes snapseed a welcome app is its "filters"

-Whenever you post an image on Instagram, facebook or other media you need your image to look a little bit attractive

But when you apply filters into your photo you have to chose which filter gives you it's very best

Lens blur-A round shaped inner lens(focused) and outer lens(blur) will appear, you can customise it using your two thumbs, you can elongate it twist it etc find the suitable one where you want to get focus and where you need no attention

Centre has more focus and outer ring is a little blurred

You can find a blue Meter above which gives you level of blurness which you can swipe(adjust) left and right after selecting it

Glamour glow-This ones easy you just need to select an option which is suitable for your picture but you can also adjust saturation,glow and warmth

Step1:Press on the picture a white bar with 3 option will appear

Step2:slide down or up select it(stop at it) now swipe right and left to adjust like I did in the below screenshots(observe the blue Meter above)

Once you understand that you have to click on the picture and a white menu appears you have to stop at it and adjust the blue Meter by swiping left and right this step is universal here at snapseed

Here's the screenshot of grainy feature(blue Meter)

Most interesting features are Retrolux,Grunge and Noir which you have to try it for yourself(don't won't to spoil the fun)

With whole bunch of photo editing features in this simple smartphone app has taken a distinct place in the playstore and ios

You have to definately try this leaf app

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