There are some allegations that Arnab Goswami is rude and dosen’t give respect from politicians to normal debaters in simple words he dosen’t give a damn!!

But i would say no one in the Journalist field has been so bold as him,he is a honest Journalist and dosen’t get sold for money unlike other FEW Journalist who are corrupt

He even poined out that Indian media one of the most corrupt media in the world!!

But let me tell you something about this guy he has done Masters in Oxford but choose to be a journalist…early in the 80′, and 90’s he worked as a Telivision reporter before entering into Times now channel for 20years

He was first denied Job in the very beginning of his career as they was something called “who sent you?” And “background” needed to get a job in those times inspite of doing Masters in Oxford!!,ask any uncle in India and you would know!!

He couldn’t pay his rent with the salary of a News reporter life was hard for him in the beginning

His news debates 9 ‘O’ clocknews hours was a firing thunder even my TV would get heated in that heated arguments or debates if i quote!!

He even recieved many threats from high level people and corrupt politicans but didn’t take a step back!!

And he rose eventually and left TIMES NOW news channel to keep “The Republic’ and he exposed many people and corruption charges aganist them only in the first few days and The republic is an instant hit now!!

I mean who would do?

And lets lets know about his past history

Arnab Goswami’s paternal grandfather, Rajani Kanta Goswami, was a lawyer, a Congress leader and an independence activist.

His maternal grandfather, Gauri, was a Communist and leader of the opposition in Assam for many years.

He was a writer and a recipient of the Asam Sahitya Sabha Award. Arnab Goswami's father is Colonel (Retd.) Manoranjan Goswami and his mother is Suprabha Gain-Goswami.

Manoranjan has been a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party and contested the 1998 Lok Sabha Polls as the BJP candidate for the Guwahati to Lok Sabha of Assam where he was defeated by Congress candidate Bhubaneshwar Kalita.

His maternal uncle, Siddhartha Bhattacharya, a BJP MLA from Gauhati East constituency, was the head of the Assam unit of the party before Sarbananda Sonowal took over in 2015.

As an army officer's son, he attended schools in various cities. Arnab has a Bachelor's (Hons.) in Sociology from the Hindu College in Delhi University.

In 1994 Arnab completed his Master's in Social Anthropology from St. Antony's College, in Oxford University.


He has a family background of living between Army officer, lawyers and politicians and he has done his Masters in Oxford, what would you expect other than him being bold,confident and smashing his opposition in debates!!

He even said

“Mein chup rehunga tho kaun sunega? Duniya sunegi mujhe?Iss country mein chup rehene se kuch nahi honewala!!Awaas utauga thohe logh sunenge awaas utauga tho hamari government sunegi!!

Losely translated as

If i become silent who would listen?Will the world know?In this country being silent will get you nothing!!,if i raise the voice only will the people listen,if i raise the voice only will the government listen!!

We need more honest journalists like him who raise the voice aganist government and who dosen’t get sold for money!!

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