Shocking technology trends that might happen sooner than expected- Indian Edition (Part 2)

So, continuing the series of shocking trends in technology that might happen very soon, here’s the Part 2 of the series. Part 1 can be read here.

Web Apps- Web apps, in the long run, are going to become more popular. This couldn’t have been more timely. Google, at the IO conference, launched Instant Apps, which is going to change everything about how you use apps. With Instant Apps, a click on the URL is going to open in the Android App, even if the user doesn’t have that app installed. I n the IO conference, it was also revealed that over 65 billion apps have been downloaded by Android users across devices. Again, according to a research, there are only about 25 apps that a user uses in a month. Because of limited space on the phone and boredom of using it, many apps don’t end up getting used and eventually get deleted/forever ignored. Plus there are better apps launching in the same category, with few additional tweaks, every month, so the old ones keep getting phased out. Chrome browser in fact has introduced a tweak where the websites can allow users to turn on notification for the website whenever there is any update. One of the primary function of app is to notify users if/when there is any new update. If web browsers have started doing that, why would you need to download an app. If webapp can provide the same analytics that a downloaded app does, then what else do you need?

Bye bye net neutrality- First of all, hats off to the campaign that few tech journalists had taken on and successfully won for protecting the freedom of availability of internet to everyone. But I feel that it’s not going to last very long. Because the next war is going to be fought for content; I know, it’s a cliché now. Specifications of the phones across brands and across categories are pretty much the same, so how do brands make their phone different? I am not talking about other screen formats because mobile is outpacing other screens in the consumption of content. You must have heard recently that LeEco announced their new phone Le 1s Echo which offers content from streaming/OTT companies like Eros Now, Yupp TV and Hungama, if you are ready to pay 499/month membership. We know that Jio is already on its way to create content library for its 4G service and the Lyf phones. So, even if we don’t want, there will be a scenario where the native content or the content from partner-apps played on a particular phone, might have better steaming speed as opposed to content from third party apps. This is just one of the non net-neutrality scenario. We don’t know if there will be data packs like Buy Rs. 150 datapack and get access to 15 days of Yupp TV, only on Jio SIM. Or Buy Rs. 40 data pack to listen to Saavn for a month, exclusive on Vodafone. Who knows?

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