What is this thing ?

  • What is it that makes me want to wake up every morning
  • What is it that makes me happy when I go to sleep in the night
  • Makes me want to share smiles at/with strangers.
  • Makes me spend family time which i could have earned from otherwise
  • Makes me think, reason, question.
  • Makes me find flaws in things that have come to shape after long laborious efforts of someone.
  • What makes me log on to Facebook and share my little one’s snaps with my friends
  • What makes me have faith in a supreme power.
  • What reason is it that i give in for a stupid window shopping trip (which i so hate) with my spouse
  • What makes me refund earned money to someone who did not ask for
  • Or ask for a refund for money paid
  • What makes me not worry about tumbling because of the earth rotating constantly
  • What is it that makes me write, knowing very well that I’m not good at it
  • Or sing poorly a well sung song (originally)
  • Why do i care about who directed a particular movie i liked
  • Or Who was the actor playing the character i loved.after all he played a character and did the part well.

In my view — It’s ignorance and knowledge playing in tandem with changing times that all this amounts to.

We all need to be aware and unaware of different things at different times.
We all need to be aware and unaware of same things at different times.

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