GSoC 2017: Community Bonding week 1

Two days after the GSoC selections were announced, Ryan started an email thread with the other mentors and me, introducing everyone to me and giving me a couple of tasks for the community bonding period. I had to clone the main PCP repo, and get it built and running on my machine, as it’ll be useful later in the timeline for testing. Then, on Josh’s suggestion, I also needed to try out two different approaches for writing metrics in the MMV format. One would be building an FFI binding to the libpcp_mmv C library, and another would be implementing the MMV writing in Rust itself. I planned to build and test the FFI bindings in the community bonding period itself, so we’d pick one approach early on based on trials and stick to it.

However, this also happened to be the week my university exams were still going on. I told my mentors that I could only begin the actual work next week, and they are cool with that. So that was that.

Oh, and we also needed to pick a nice, memorable name for our library.