Say What You Will
Dominique Matti

Beautiful, poetic, heartwrenching.

I am sorry for what we say. Not going to play the #NotAllWhitePeople card here — this isn’t the place for it. I’m sorry for all white people, myself included. I’m sorry Charlottesville happened. I’m sorry Trump got elected. I’m sorry this has been brewing for years, decades, centuries. I’m sorry that white people are so fragile/angry/MFing ridiculous.

I’m sorry that you’re not safe. I wish I could hold you close and keep you safe, tell you it’s all going to be okay. I’m sorry that your children live in this world, where they have to learn to be invisible in order to simply live. I wish children could just be children and live sweet, innocent lives without having to worry. I’m sorry that my melanin-deprived kin are horrible blights on society. I wish I could make them open their eyes, make them see how much damage they are doing — we (white folk) are all doing.

You are beautiful. Thank you for writing your painful, eloquent words. Love and hugs and light to you.

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