4 Ways to have a successful client relationship

Nov 12, 2018 · 3 min read

Having a successful client relationship is more than just being good at what you do. You have to wow your clients and make them feel super special. Luckily, wowing your clients isn’t rocket science.

It’s actually pretty simple. It all comes down to making your client the most important person in the universe. The difficult bit is remembering to do it while running a busy beauty business.

Having a positive and professional presence is something all freelance beauty professionals should aim for. Because, next thing you know, you’ve got yourself a wowed client, fewer complaints, and glowing reviews.

Wondering how to build a successful client relationship? Here are 4 ways to make a lasting impression on your clients.

Photo by Mimi Thian on Unsplash

Up your client consultation game

Successful client relationships are built on mutual respect and trust, and great consultation skills are one of the best marketing tools to have to make your client feel valued.

Make sure to give a client consultation every visit. Before you get to work, ask them about how they’ve experienced their last visit and if they have any problems or concerns. Tell them about the products or procedures being used on their appointment today and advice them on hair and beauty care at home.

Body language is fundamental to creating trust, so always sit down and face your client during a consultation. Use their language, and avoid using jargon, to reassure your client that you understand them. Matching your client’s body language will also make them feel more comfortable with you. And most importantly, use their name and smile.

A client consultation handled brilliantly is gold. Clients will more likely to rebook you, buy additional products or book additional services, recommend you to their friends and family, and give you a glowing review, which, in turn, leads to more money in your pocket.

Listen, learn, and act

The essence of building a successful client relationship is listening. Listening to what your client values, is a simple, inexpensive, and effective way to wow them.

It could be as easy as remembering your client’s preference for a certain product or service. However, just because you’ve known your clients for years, doesn’t mean they always want the same thing, so try to avoid making assumptions.

And just to be clear, thinking about the fact you’re running late for your next appointment, is not listening.

Be professional and presentable

No matter how good you are at painting faces or creating stellar bridal updos, if you’re not being professional and presentable, you will put clients off.

Your main job is to make people look beautiful, so you need to take pride in how you look. Make sure to wear appropriate, clean clothing, and have a neat setup for your tools and products.

Also, make sure you arrive on time for your appointment. Hair and makeup isn’t something you can just do another day, or even an hour later. If you’re late, and your client needs to be somewhere, they are going to be late too. And definitely not wowed.

Bonus tip from Melbourne makeup legend, Alarna Bell: “When you visit someone’s house, put slippers on. It shows that you care about their house.”

Make it easy for clients to rebook and review you

We’re guessing you want your clients raving about you, and rebook you in hordes. If so, make sure it’s super simple for clients to rebook and review you after you wowed them. Stylemee offers exactly that.

Just like Uber, Stylemee makes it easy for clients to book, pay, and leave a review after each appointment. After the appointment, your client receives an email asking to leave you a star rating and written review. These reviews are posted directly to your Stylemee profile for all potential clients to see.

So, what are you waiting for? Join now, and start growing your business and professional brand, while Stylemee handles the rest.

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