I’m sorry you’re lonely but it’s not my job to help you: the science of incels
Emily Nagoski

I self-isolate due to my own experience with trauma (by no surprise, trauma inflicted by males and their violence) but I’m not killing people. I would not presume to think I am healthy or fully functional. My refusal to reach out and create lasting communities around me is proof that something is off. I definitely need to make adult and healthy decisions for my own happiness. Still…..I’m not killing anyone.

The biggest part of this is my ability to admit that I need help at all. Men can’t do that. What if we could alter their OBVIOUSLY broken and deformed genetics? We’ve discovered ways to erase genetic cancers. What if we can address how deformed and under-evolved our species’s males are? Isn’t it worth a try? Getting Homo sapien males to stop raping and murdering kids would be worth it. Cutting their likelihood to engage in mass murder by half would be worth it. We’ve never seen such an obvious evolutionary dead end before. And I’d like to at least try to save males before machines can create a better female child. We’re already engineering diversity. Why not try to help our males before they aren’t just obsolete, but also too big a risk to take?