Wireframes come to life with InVision

As part of an assignment from my UX/UI Bootcamp, I was given a task to practice using InVision by turning wireframes interactive only using links. Although the toggles don’t work and you can not fill out the requested information, the point of this task was to only try using hotspots and links for the first time.

You can play around with my creation and go between screens as the sequence is described below.

  1. ‘logo’
  2. ‘x’ on the upper left hand corner.
  3. ‘map’ or ‘login’
  4. Three lines, upper left hand corner.
  5. Hit ‘OK’
  6. Click on the ‘x’ on the upper left hand corner.
  7. Click the word ‘logo’ (Brings you back to step 1)
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