I really have to echo everything Lon Shapiro said and I’ll also state that BHD, Tamyka Bell, Wild…
Tre L. Loadholt

Lon Shapiro — what a guy. Love your story to Charlotte. Tremaine L. Loadholt — what a woman. Thank you for including me in the conversation, and, wowza, thank you for such mighty recognition Tre True! To me, Medium is another world where I readily remove “the mask” in order to access and reveal the raw, vulnerable self. I come to play — purely, authentically. Safe space to explore ourselves and support one another. That’s what it’s all about. By doing that here, we can also do that out there…in… dare I say! IRL. Hi, fellow cutie authentics: Notorious DCI, Jackie Ann, Patrick Faller.

But, really, more than anything, figuring out Medium for yourself is an organic process. It’s a dog-park-playground, and, we’re all getting wet.

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