A talk with Raka Minelli: 3 tips on how to become a Digital Influencer.

We asked Raka Minelli (famous digital influencer from Rio) to give us a few tips on how to become a digital influencer. She also made a video for us which is in portuguese explaining the tips again.

“We always say that there is no magic formula. So, if a person wants to be a digital influencer or be a blogger / youtuber like I am, (I say that I’m not even a digital influencer because I think that nowadays everyone ends up being a digital influencer because everyone influences people in some way on the internet) It is doing what you really like”

  1. “Knowing what is the subject you want to talk about, whether you want to talk about fashion, whether you want to talk about beauty, cooking, travel, or whatever, and talk about it with pleasure first of all, and with love.
    “Why you do what you love”, it always shows to the person watching you, who sees you.
    So first, pick up a subject that you really love that you talk pleasantly about it. Don’t do it for the money or the fame”
  2. “My second say is you regardless of the world you live in, (because nowadays this world of digital influencer, blogger, youtuber is tense) is you not being influenced by the other, so you do not lose your essence. Don’t use for yourself something that maybe worked well for somebody else, because it will not work. This is very important, no matter what area you are in. Never lose your essence, from beginning to end.”
  3. “And the third one is that we always have to be present on the Internet: respond to those who follow us who accompany us, and of course always bring in the content, so that we can always improve. If I watch my old videos and photos I can say that I am much better than before because of the people around me. We always have to be invested in growing and evolving. Like for example investing in new equipments (like camera, lighting, etc) and listening to the feedback of people watching us.
    Beeing present on social media also means sharing on as many platforms as you can to self-promote because your fans may also want to follow you on Twitter or on Instagram.”
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