Shadowhunters: My Review

So I’m sure by now most of you have heard of the new series “Shadowhunters” based on the novels by Cassandra Clair.

Those of us who have seen the movie could probably agree that it wasn’t too great. Especially if we are comparing it to the book. And I’m sad to say, the same goes to the show as well.

I like that they got lesser known actors to take the parts, but that is also what ruins the show for me. The acting leaves much to be desired. Most of the lines spoken sounds like they were read streight off the script. Also, in the fighting scene when they are all in the club “Pandemonium”, it all seemed to choreographed.

They changed too much in the show and added too many things that weren’t in the book. In the books Luke was a librarian, not a cop. And Simons band consisted of more than two people. And why does Dorothea look so young?

Though the show has its flaws, I will continue watching it, for I am a huge fan of the novels. And who knows; it may turn around and get better. Fingers crossed!