Editorial Photographers

I have included the websites of two professional editorial photographers in this post as I find their work interesting and beneficial for my experiences.

The works of editorial photographers will inspire me to create my own work and therefore land me in good stead in the future.

Jason Alden Photography

Jason is an award winning editorial, portrait and commercial photographer based in London, available for commissions worldwide.

He has twice been voted UK Picture Editors Guild; Business Photographer of the year. (2012/2013)

“Born by the sea, raised by a woodsman in a forest, in a parallel universe I’m building boats. In this world I confine people to a rectangular box and press a button. Somehow it makes sense.

I’ve travelled a lot, sometimes people pay me to do it, other times I take in the view and a cold beer. My exploring led me to Bristol in 1998, I only intended to stay for a weekend but the city got a hold of me and I’ve been here ever since. However, I still don’t like cider. Did you know we have a mayor who only wears red trousers?

I started my career as a journalist, training on a newspaper, working on a golf magazine and then a freelance editor. I gave this up in 2006 to become a freelance photographer. Some people thought it was a crazy move but I now take a lot of pictures and people pay me for it. The boat building will have to wait.”

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